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October 9, 2012
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October 9, 2012

Bike Trip Equipment List

People are always asking me, “what are you taking on your trip?”  Well, I am hauling my gear with a trailer,so weight is an issue.  Anything I take, I’ve got to peddle it up hill.  So, my goal is to limit the stuff that I’m taking to 32 pounds.  That requires some serious trade offs.  I’ll include pictures whenever I can to give a better description. Below is a list of the major items.  As I finalize the list, I may add some other smaller items.


My Bike
My beloved Trek 1200c bike with kevlar tires, a rear “trunk bag” and room for
4 water bottles on the bike.

TW Bents Foldable Trailer
This baby will fold up and put it in a suitcase.
Plus, it will haul about 75 pounds of gear.

Got to keep the tires inflated to 110psi!

Bike Computer
This tells me how fast & how far I’m going.

Tools & Stuff

Tool Kit
I will be taking selected tools from my tool kit.

Multi Tool
This basic tool is great for quick repairs and stays right on the bike itself.

White Lightning
This chain lube doesn’t pick up dirt like oil does, in fact it repels dirt off the chain, so I can spend more time riding and less time cleaning.

Spare Tires and Tubes
I’ll probably carry 1 foldable spare tire and 2-3 tubes.  I can always patch the old ones, but it’s nice to just be able to pop in a new tube and get back on the road again.

Misc Parts
I’ll also take along a set of misc parts like spokes, nuts, bolts, wire ties, electrical and duct tape.


I will be camping about 1/3 of the time, so I decided to go for a little bit of a bigger and beefier tent that I can put all my stuff in.

Fleece Sleeping Bag
It’s lightweight and keeps me warm.  I actually have 2 of them for the really cold times, so I’ll probably ditch the second one (or send it home) when the weather starts to warm up.

Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad
This puppy blows itself up, plus has an inflatable pillow that helps me to not have to carry a regular one.

In Case Of Emergency
I have camping things such as camp soap, camp towel, and a clothesline to hang up my clothes after I wash them.  Not to mention, I might need to drink the stream water I just bathed in, so I have water purification tablets.

Camp Cooking Stove and Pots & Pans
Since I have to camp some, I figured it would be a good idea to be able to cook.


3 Sets of On Bike Clothes – These are ultra-light umbros with bike shorts underneath and some kind of light shirt in a bright color.

1 Set of Off Bike Clothes – I’ve got to wear something when I’m not riding.

1 Set of Sleep Clothes – I’ve got to sleep in something.

Face Warmer
I figured out real quick that the wind is really cold when you’re riding.  It makes my ears feel like they’re going to fall off.

Arm/Leg Warmers

I don’t know who the guy in the picture is, but his leg and arm warmers will keep me warm in the cold mornings, and I can easily ditch them in the afternoon.


I’m thinking about brushing my teeth and washing my hair sometime over these 62 days of sweaty rides, so I’ll probably bring some personal beauty aids.