Freeze Your Credit FIle

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October 9, 2012
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October 9, 2012

Freeze Your Credit FIle

Freezing your credit is simple and provides an iron-clad away to prevent people from opening new accounts as if they’re you.

If you live in Alabama or Florida it will cost you $10 per bureau (there are 3) to freeze your credit and $10 each time you want to thaw your credit (you only have to thaw the bureau that is going to be checked).  If you are an identity theft victim and you have a copy of your police report both thawing and freezing is free.  If you are over 65, freezing and thawing are free in most states.  Also note that if you are married, BOTH people need to freeze their credit and don’t lose that secret PIN number.  It’s difficult to replace.

Freezing your Experian file
Thawing your Experian file

Freezing your Equifax file
Thawing your Equifax file

Freezing your TransUnion file
Thawing your TransUnion file