The Cause

The Route Across America
October 9, 2012

The Cause

Can You Picture 10,000 Orphans?

Of course you can’t.  In fact, every time I try, my mind goes numb.  Every time I try to picture that many children, their faces seem to disappear.  They become part of a nameless, faceless blur.

But these children are real and I have seen them with my own eyes.  There are 10,000 orphaned children in the region of Juarez, Mexico.
No parents.  No food.  No medicine.

That’s why I am doing my very small part to help build the largest orphanage the country of Mexico has ever seen… and it will be filled to capacity the day it’s opened.

It’s time for the children to come home and you can help.  I am riding my bike across America to raise awareness and money for this project.  The fact is, the churches of America could pay off this orphanage tomorrow, but we’re too busy updating our cozy sanctuaries with our padded pews so we can be a little nicer than the church that sits right across the street.

I’m asking you to sponsor me 1 penny (or more!) for every mile that I ride across this great land of ours.  That’s right, I will pedal my bike for 4 whole minutes to ride a mile, if you will donate just 1 penny to the orphanage.  If we all do our part, we will raise THOUSANDS to bring the children home.

All checks will be made out directly to Tapesties of Life.  I will not be handling your money.  I am raising money separately and from corporate sponsors to fund the trip itself, so 100% of the money you give can go to finishing this project.

For more information about Tapestries of Life and the orphanage project, please visit: